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Claretex Pad & Lagging Fabrics


Claretex fabrics are 100-percent fiberglass textiles texturized for maximum coverage and ease in processing.

  • All Claretex fabrics are free of asbestos and may be finished with a number of treatments while still maintaining the high temperature resistance of fiberglass.
  • Claremont’s Ferratex 25 meets the requirements of HH-P-0031.  It is woven from fiberglass yarns reinforced with Type 304 stainless-steel wire.
  •  The Diplag 95 is a fiberglass cloth with a preapplied water activated finish used for lagging.  This product meets Mil-C-20079 Ty.1 Cl.6.
  •  Claremont's 1925A557 is a multipurpose pad covering and lagging finish free of starches and lubricants through a heat cleaning process.  1925A557 meets Mil-C-20079 Ty. 1 Cl.9.
  •  Claremont’s 1925Alum is foil laminated to Claretex fabric designed to meet the requirements of Mil-C-20079 Ty.1 Cl.10.


  • Removable insulation pads for thermal and acoustical applications.
  • Protective lagging for pipe insulation.
  • Stress-relief blankets.
  • Flange and valve covers.
  • Safety clothing; welding blankets.
  • Heat and spray-diffuser shields.
  • Asbestos encapsulation.
  • Tadpole tapes and high-temperature gaskets.


  • Good drapeability; conforms to irregular surfaces.
  • Easily cut, sewn, and fabricated.
  • Woven from 100-percent fiberglass.
  • Will not decay, sustain mold, or absorb odors.
  • Will not contribute to corrosion of metal.
  • May be supplied with a number of available finishes including rewettable, aluminized, or oil- and water-resistant.

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