Claremat 1200 is a mechanically bonded, 100-percent glass fiber blanket that offers uniform density and thickness.  Techmat 1200 is a 100-percent fiberglass blanket utilizing non-respirable, Type-E fiberglass manufactured using state-of-the-art airlay needling equipment. Superior performance up to 1200° F is obtained by using long, glass textile fibers bonded mechanically without the use of additional binders. HR Mat offers superior performance up to 1550° F.


  • Removable insulation pads for thermal and acoustical applications

  • Stress-relief blankets

  • Any other application where high-temperature protection is required



  • 100% fiberglass

  • Claremat 1200 and Techmat 1200 offer reliable, superior performance up to 1200° F

  • HR MAT offers reliable performance up to 1550° F

  • Good drapeability; easily conformable to irregular surfaces

  • Easily cut and fabricated

  • Claremat 1200 meets MIL-I-16411 and can be tested to meet MIL-I-24244.

  • Techmat 1200 offers enhanced thermal efficiency over standard needled fiberglass felts.

  • Techmat products offer a variety of densities and thicknesses in a needled, non-woven mat engineered to exacting and consistent dimensional requirements.


  • MIL-I-16411, Ty. II

  • MIL-I-24244

  • USCG 164.009

  • NRC 1.36

  • ASTM-C-1086

Claremat 1200 Data Sheet

Claremat 1200 MSDS

Techmat 1200 Data Sheet

Techmat 1200 MSDS

HR Mat Data Sheet