For many years, The Claremont Sales Corporation has been recognized as a leading provider and manufacturer of an array of thermal and acoustical insulation products.
Claremont’s product line includes:
Lightweight fire-resistant polyimide foams and fiberglass hull-board for marine applications.
Coated fabrics for welding and personal protection.
Fiberglass mats and cloths for high temperature insulation pads.
Sewing threads, tapes and textiles used in industrial, marine and aerospace applications.
Barium Sulfate loaded film, Coustifab, to act as a noise barrier in shipboard areas, generators, and turbines.

Claremont can provide off-the-shelf or custom-made thermal and acoustical protection for many other industries and applications as well. When it comes to designing, developing and manufacturing thermal and acoustical insulation products. No one speaks with greater authority than Claremont!