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Whether protecting critical electronic components against the scorching heat of a jet engine, or an entire nuclear-powered submarine against the chilling effect of the oceans’ depths, Claremont products are engineered and manufactured to exacting quality standards.

Claremont management allocates significant corporate resources to the prevention of quality problems. For example, all Claremont raw-material suppliers are carefully chosen and trained in accordance with the methodologies of Claremont’s quality system, and major vendors are subject to periodic quality audits and reviews. Further, all Claremont employees are empowered and encouraged to recognize and remedy potential quality problems before they occur. Accordingly, production processes may be stopped by any Claremont employee at any time for the purpose of addressing a quality issue.

​It all comes down to this: At Claremont, quality is built into the product because quality is built into the process. Moreover, we know well that complacency is our nemesis. That’s why we continue to strive for advancements in our quality system every day.

Its dedication to quality is what has twice in the past 15 years earned Claremont the distinguished Administrator’s Award For Excellence from the U.S. Small Business Administration. We’re extremely pleased to have been nominated for this and other prestigious honors by our valued customers.

​The Claremont quality system conforms to the requirements of ISO9002-1994, AS9100-1999, MIL-Q-9858,and MIL-I-45208, with approval by Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA).


Learn more about Claremont’s military specification compliance.

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