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About Claremont

Since 1993, the Claremont Sales Corporation has been recognized as a leading provider and manufacturer of thermal and acoustical insulation products. Whether you require an off-the-shelf product, a custom-fabricated piece, or an on-site installation, Claremont’s team of dedicated technicians and sales representatives will work with you step-by-step to get you what you need, when you need it.

Once you become a Claremont customer, you are always covered by our corporate obligation to  provide the highest quality insulation materials fabricated to your exact requirements, ready to accomplish their task, and shipped as promised.

Claremont’s office and production facility is located just off Main Street (Rt. 17) in Durham, Conn.

The Claremont Sales Corporation

35 Winsome Drive

PO Box 430

Durham, CT 06422 USA

Toll Free: 800.222.4448

Phone: 860.349.4499

Fax: 860.349.7977

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