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Clar​emont offers a wide variety of fiberglass tapes, woven from high-quality yarns and useful for many industrial, aerospace, and marine applications. The FERRATEX series of tapes are manufactured from 100% fiberglass yarn plied together with stainless steel wire, and then woven into narrow fabrics. Combine Claremont tapes with either fiberglass or ceramic rope (bulbs) to make tadpole tape products. Bolt hole or drop warp tapes are available.


  • Hullboard seaming

  • Gaskets

  • Pipe hanger liners

  • Stress relief

  • Tadpole tapes



  • Excellent tensile strength

  • Good dimensional stability

  • Very even selvages

  • Non-combustible

  • High moisture resistance

  • 100% woven texturized yarns

  • Non asbestos

  • Low irritation

  • Extremely flexible

  • Wide variety of uses

  • Military specification grades and industrial grades

  • Can pass MIL-I-24244 and NRC 1.36 nuclear chemical analysis testing when required

Claretex Tadpole Tapes

Claretex Tadpole Tapes are asbestos-free. These products are designed to replace tadpole tapes using asbestos components common in industry today.

Claretex Tadpole Tapes are the answer to applications which require gasketing to do the following:

  • Where a tight seal is necessary under light pressure

  • To seal doors and other closures

  • Uneven mating surfaces

Due to the wide conditions in which tadpole tapes are used, Claremont manufactures a variety of bulb and jacketing materials. Claremont can also finish Claretex Tadpole Tapes with various coatings such as neoprene, latex base coating, silicone, etc.

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