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Tuffskin 1613 Facing

Tuffskin 1613 facing is a fire-resistant polyester film laminated to a fiberglass reinforcing scrim.

  • Used in conjunction with a marine insulation board for noise attenuation aboard ship.

  • Used on Navy hullboard per MIL-I-22023, Ty. III

  • Used on Low-K 200 polyimide foam per DOD-I-24688.

Tuffskin Physical Properties

CF Hullboard Facing

100-percent woven fiberglass cloth, resin treated to ensure durability and non-flammability.

  • Facing is used in conjunction with a marine insulation board for thermal and acoustic insulation products.

Used primarily as facing for:

  • Navy hullboard per MIL-I-742, Ty. I

  • Low-K 200 polyimide foam per DOD-I-24688, Ty. II, Cl. 1 and Ty. II, Cl. 2

  • Facing for acoustic hullboard per MIL-A-23054

  • Pipe insulation requiring a protective outer jacket


CF Hullboard Physical Properties

Smoke Curtain Fabric

100-percent woven fiberglass cloth treated with a flame-retardant acrylic coating applied to both sides of the fabric.

  • Used extensively for shipboard applications where a fire-retardant, lightweight fabric is needed for a fire or smoke barrier.

  • The fabric is used for fabication of portable smoke curtains, fire blankets, and bunk curtains.

  • Meets the requirements of MIL-C-24757.

Smoke Curtain Physical Properties

AM/CF Jacketing

AM/CF is a 100-percent fiberglass cloth, resin treated and laminated to an aluminized mylar film.

  • AM/CF is used as both a facing for marine insulation and as a jacketing for pipe covering.

  • May be used as a vapor-barrier jacketing for pipe insulation systems and air-conditioning ducts

  • Used as facing on marine insulation boards for use on bulkhead and hull applications where a moisture barrier is required.

AM/CF Jacketing Physical Properties

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