Claretex fabrics are 100% glass textiles that are texturized for maximum coverage and ease in processing. Fabrics are asbestos free and are available in many finishes and treatments while still offering the high-temperature resistance of glass textiles. FERRATEX 25 is a fabric woven with yarns that are plied from 100% glass yarn and fine 304 stainless steel wire. These wire reinforced yarns add strength and serve as a heat sink. FERRATEX 25 conforms to HH-P-0031(SH) and is used for contact temperatures to 1200° F.


  • Removable insulation pads for thermal and acoustical applications

  • Protective lagging for pipe insulations

  • Stress-relieving blankets

  • Flange and valve covers

  • Safety clothing

  • Welding blankets

  • Heat shields and spray diffuser shields

  • Asbestos encapsulation

  • Expansion joints

  • Tadpole tapes and high-temperature gaskets

  • Any other applications where high-temperature protection is required



  • Good drapeability

  • Conforms to irregular surfaces

  • Easily cut and fabricated

  • Asbestos free

  • Claretex products are 100% fiberglass

  • Low cost

  • Claretex products will not decay, sustain mold or vermin, nor will they absorb odors

  • Claretex products will not contribute to metal corrosion

  • Non-toxic

  • DIPLAG 95 can also be supplied in tape form, packaged in 5-gallon plastic containers for easy, one-step application


  • A557 - Also called Lageeze, a multi-purpose pad covering and lagging finish, provides good hand, minimal dust, and ease of fabrication. A heat cleaning process removes starches and lubricants from fabric.

  • B567 - Same finish as A557 with the addition of a degree of water and oil repellency

  • Diplag - A preapplied, water activated adhesive finish used for lagging. After fabric has dried, normal sizing or painting is required.

  • Red - Fabric is pigmented red to designatethe product as asbestos free. Conforms to current U.S. Navy color requirement. Fabrics can be dyed in other colors.

  • Aluminized - 0.001" Foil is laminated to Claretex fabric with a fire-retardant thermoplastic adhesive.


  • MIL-C-20079, Ty. I, CI. 3-10

  • MIL-I-24244 (when required)

  • NRC 1.36 (when required)

  • USCG 164.009

  • HH-P-0031

Claretex Pad and Lagging Fabrics Data Sheet

1925 A557 MSDS

1925 Alum MSDS

Lageeze 95 MSDS

Diplag MSDS

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