Claretex Hysil 48 and 58

Claretex Hysil is a flexible, alumina-silica fabric designed to provide protection from extreme heat and molten metals.

  • Excellent thermal insulation characteristics over a wide variety of temperature ranges.

  • Meets MIL-C-24576, Ty. I, Cl. 2. When required, material can meet MIL-I-24244 and NRC 1.36.

  • Hysil offers excellent chemical resistance. Fabrics can be specified with aluminum, neoprene, silicone, or other coatings to meet specific performance requirements.

  • Hysil generates essentially no smoke or fumes under the most severe heat conditions.

  • Fabrics can be treated to enhance abrasion resistance and flexibility at elevated temperatures.

  • May be used for personnel and equipment protection, welding cloths and curtains, stress-relief blankets, cable tray wraps, or fire and furnace curtains.


  • MIL-C-24576 Ty. I, CL. 1 and 2

  • MIL-I-24244

  • NRC 1.36

Hysil 48 Data Sheet

Hysil 58 Data Sheet

Hysil 48 and 58 MSDS

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