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Ferratex 8201 is a high strength, high heat-resistant packing specifically designed for sealing missile blast and water-tight doors and hatches on board U.S. Navy ships. It is a double jacket of stainless steel reinforced fiberglass yarn braided over a 35-durometer high-strength silicone core. Each jacket is treated with silicone rubber to ensure the minimum permeability while maintaining a high degree of flexibility.


  • Missile blast and water-tight doors and hatches

  • Vacuum degreasing units

  • Atmosphere heat treat furnaces



  • Good flexibility/resiliency

  • Excellent sealability

  • High temperature

  • Flame-resistant

  • High-strength

  • Compliance to U.S. Navy specification MIL-G-17927

  • Federal stock numbers issued

  • Non-asbestos

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