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Thermal and acoustical insulation products fabricated from fire-resistant, lightweight polyimide foam. Open-cell foam is available as thermal and acoustical insulation for fuselage, bulkhead, cockpit, duct treatments, and pipe applications. Claredense is a densified foam designed for use as headliner padding and carpet underlayments.


  • Headliner padding, carpet underlayments

  • Aircraft bulkheads and fuselages requiring lightweight thermal and acoustic treatments

  • Ducting where noise attenuation is needed

  • Combined with vapor-barrier jacketing, it can be used in areas requiring moisture management.

  • May be used in areas requiring sound transmission-loss treatments when combined with Claremont’s Coustifab products.

  • Pipe insulation for potable water systems


  • Lightweight polyimide foams offer densities as low as 0.33 PCF. This translates to increased payload and greater fuel efficiency.

  • Polyimide foam is inherently fire resistent; very low smoke developed; no significant toxic offgassing.

  • Extensive testing completed.

  • Numerous configurations available to meet specific needs, including sheet, pipe covering, molded, densified, cut-to-shape, and bagged.

  • Numerous facings and jackets available including fiberglass cloth, MYLAR, aluminized MYLAR, KAPTON, and aluminum foil.

  • Polyimide foam is flexible and resilient from -300° F to +600° F.

  • Maintains integrity even after long-term vibration.

  • Improved habitability: Polyimide foam is non-fibrous and halogen free; no special handling is required.


  • BMS-8-300 (Boeing)

  • HMS-17-1186

  • SS9232

  • FAR 25.853 (including part 4)

  • ATS-1000.001

  • DMS-2330

Low-K Aircraft Foam Technical Data

Low-K Aircraft Foam Acoustical Performance

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