Thermal and acoustical insulation products fabricated from fiberglass hullboard. Passive firewall insulations made from mineral wool and other high-temperature boards.


  • Transmission loss barrier for noise sensitive shipboard areas

  • Insulation pads for silencing noisy equipment such as generators, turbines, reduction gears, or pumps

  • Lagging for piping and ducts


  • Superior transmission-loss characteristics

  • High degree of flame resistance

  • Oil and chemical resistant

  • Can be cut, sewn, draped, grommeted, or lagged for easy installation.

  • For added strength and flame resistance, fiberglass carrier layer with high tear and tensile strength can be added to one or both sides.

  • Can be used by itself or combined with other thermal and acoustic insulation products such as fiberglass hullboard or Low-K 200 polyimide foam.



  • G-NL: Coustifab loaded with barium sulfate

  • G-NL-SL: Coustifab loaded with silicone using a proprietary process that results in consistent non-lead mass dispersion throughout the limp carrier layer

Barium Sulfate Loaded G-NL Data Sheet

Barium Sulfate Loaded G-NL MSDS

Silicone Loaded G-NL-SL Data Sheet

Silicone Loaded G-NL-SL MSDS

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