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Spray Shields are installed around piping connections to guard against high pressure leaks and spray-outs, protecting workers and preventing damage to equipment.

Claremont Spray Shields are constructed from two layers of fiberglass fabric sewn together with a fiberglass thread.

Inner Layer

  • Specialized fiberglass fabric laminated with aluminum

  • Liquid-resistant barrier

  • Moisture-resistant vapor retarder

Outer Layer

  • Fiberglass fabric impregnated with a specially formulated silicone rubber

  • Resistant to high temperatures

  • Flame retardant

  • Superior resistance to abrasion, flexing, tear, and puncture

Sewing Thread

  • PTFE-coated fiberglass thread

  • High temperature resistant

  • Chemically resistant


  • Flanges

  • Valves

  • Expansion joints

  • Bolted unions



  • ASTM-F1139

  • ASTM-F1138

  • NAVSEA DWG 803-2145518, Rev. G

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