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Steel-Nit fabric, for use as a covering on removable insulation pads, combines all the advantages of conventional coverings, including maximum strength, durability, and high-temperature resistance, with cloth-like flexibility.

Constructed entirely from metal wire, Steel-Nit is one of the most durable insulation coverings available. When applied to the hot side of the pad, it provides protection for insulation from direct heat contact. When applied to the outer jacket material it provides protection for insulation from exterior abrasion, resists penetration from sharp objects, and will not break down from constant vibration.

Flexibility is achieved through a unique knitted construction process which produces a circular mesh of interlocking loops. Since the loops remain unattached to one another, movement is permitted between them without distortion to the individual wires. The result is a product that is easily fabricated and extremely well-suited for applications on complex and irregular surfaces.

Steel-Nit fabric is degreased and cleaned to remove oils added during the knitting process.


Operating temperature is the primary consideration for selection of a metal alloy. Steel-Nit is constructed either from Type 304 or 430 stainless steel, for temperatures to 2300° F. Other metal alloys are available for special applications.


Though Steel-Nit may be custom manufactured in a number of different constructions, the standard "60 Density" mesh (approximately sixty openings per square inch) provides sufficient protection to prevent tufting of the insulation through its openings.


For increased versatility, Steel-Nit is manufactured in a choice of two wire diameter, each with its own distinct features.

  • .008" Diameter: Provides maximum flexibility for pads that are designed to fit particularly complex surfaces, and for pads that will require less frequent removal.

  • .011" Diameter: Provides maximum strength and durability for pads that are required to withstand continuous handling and excessive abuse.


In applications where a slight air gap is desirable between the insulation and the hot surface, Steel-Nit can be constructed with a standard 3/16" crimp or corrugation.


Rolls are supplied in 30" and 42" flattened tubular form. Other widths are available on request. Approximately 50 lbs. per roll (plus or minus 10%).


When specified, Steel-Nit may be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of MIL-STD-769, para.

Steel-Nit Yields

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